We have become the first company in the UK rail sector to integrate DAWS into its fleet, which is used to transport safety critical and contingent labour to rail engineering & construction sites across the UK. The move was sparked by increasing industry concerns over the transportation of workers to site.

Driver Awareness Warning System (DAWS)

Our research suggests that a large number of fatal accidents occur every year whilst workers are en-route to site or returning home. The warning system is a dash-mounted device, which focuses on the driver’s retina and measures their ‘blinking pattern’, sounding audible warnings if signs of drowsiness or inattention are detected. In conjunction with DAWS, our fleet of Mercedes Benz vehicles have been equipped with a market-leading armoury of safety features, including electronic stability, brake assistance, parking sensors and flashing hazard warning lights, which react automatically under emergency braking.


Our vehicles have also been fitted with the latest telematics to monitor drivers speed, location, braking, fuel consumption, mileage and emissions as well as real-time traffic updates, out of hours/unauthorised vehicle use and excessive driver hours alerts.

Making Our Workforces Journey Safer

Auctus Training Solutions (ATS) is the first company in the rail sector to utilise the specialist Driver Awareness Warning System (DAWS) to transport our workforce to site safely.

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