What were you doing before you started your apprenticeship?

I studied Electrical Engineering at college, having always been interested in this line of work. After leaving college I worked in retail, knowing it wasn’t going to be a permanent placement I started to look elsewhere. I was curious about working in the rail sector, and having spoken to a friend about the Colas Rail Apprenticeship Scheme, I decided to apply.

What does the Colas Rail Apprenticeship involve?

Colas Rail joined forces with Infra Skills in 2017, to launch the UK’s first Level 3 Trailblazers apprenticeship scheme. After being accepted onto the scheme in September last year, I initially took on the role of a Technician. After gaining a good reputation within the team, I queried whether I could try my hand at a Signals and Telecoms position. Having had an electrical based background from college, I thought a role of this type would be more suited to me.

What do you enjoy about the scheme and what have you been up to recently?

I thoroughly enjoy both the training, and practical aspects of the Colas Rail Apprenticeship Scheme. Currently working on site with the Brentwood Team, I travel up to Birmingham to complete any necessary training through Infra Skills. Dave McDonough provides the training for the Colas Rail Apprentices, and keeps it engaging by varying his teaching methods. I recently took part in a renewals project at The Severn Valley Heritage Site, as part of my training. As a team we created a realistic case study, providing us with real experience of tasks we could well be set to complete, when we go on to get our first job placement.

What is next for you?

I am planning to progress onto Level 4 after completing my Level 3 next year, and when I become fully qualified I can see a future working in renewals with the Colas Rail Track Team.